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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  March 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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you don't get to fly on a plane with, you know, 53 guys. those are the things you miss when you stop playing. >> reporter: legendary end to a manning. the future hall of famer is going to go out on top and make the announcement today. >> teammates and biggest rival is paying tribute to number 18 as he wraps up one of the greatest nfl careers of all time. broncos fans are sad to see him go, they are so grateful for his time in denver. up. good morning, thank you for
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we are going to have more on peyton manning's rime minutes. >> marty coniglio is in the 9 backyard. we should see the first wet weather in weeks. >> it will be nice to get a little moisture. see sunrise like this, you are thinking, i don't think we could see rain. moderate air quality today. no wood burning restrictions in effect. showers are going in the mountains and west of rain stall lines hovering around 7000 feet this morning. it is damp in western colorado. everything coming out of the south, tells you, you are on the frontside of the system. that puts us in the 30s and 40s here, over the front range, rain showers now reported, snowing now craig, snowing, grand junction raining. now, for us, a dry start to the day, popping up close to 60 by noon. right in the early part of the afternoon, first couple of
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thunderstorms moving through the area. they zip up i-76 during the afternoon, picking up intensity as they go up i-76, with heavier rain, probably small hail out of it, too, the snow hangs in the mountains today. no snow snow around here. limited moisture here. we have a southerly wind going along with the storms, as it rains, it might pour at your place for 10- 15 minutes and another 20 minutes later, evaporated back out. better rain to the north and good snow for the mountains, continental divide. high fire danger south and nebraska. a lot going on for this monday. >> sky 9, able to fly this morning, for now, no rain to worry about. up and over the i-70 and i-25 split, the mouse trap running free and clear. plenty of room for the cars and transition ramp off to a great
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ground level, check out the rest of the drive as we kick off this monday commute. no major freeway problems, 70, airport drive included. clear towards colorado springs. slower speeds are popping up including eastbound 36, down to 31 miles per hour, minor crash on the side streets, dudley and union. the sunrise, i pops up at 6:23 this morning. it's going be a little bit of a sun glare delay, possibly, the clouds could help us out, 6 in wadsworth is the location. this could be one of the delays around sheridan, towards i-25. today we say farewell to number 18, peyton manning retiring after 18 years in the nfl. an outpouring of support and well wishes from fans near and far on social media. colleen ferreira will have more in a minute. we start with mike bliss at uc health training center this
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peyton makes his announcement, mike, in a couple of hours, his whole family will be there. his mom and dad will be there. >> reporter: that's right. a big crowd on hand. happening out programs here, gary, it's going to be something else. lot of the talk now that peyton has been is retired is, where does he rank among the all time greats. i got him tied for second with tom brady. i have montana number one. he had 11 touchdown passes, zero interceptions, montana's performance in the big games, has poised under pressure is why i got him number one. manning with the stats he has all the career records, all the significant career records, tom brady is nemesis, hard to put one above the other. you got to put them tied for second i do believe all time. one thing about manning, for
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was better than montana or brett favre. the broncos benefited from that. >> just incredible career. thank you. since news broke of his impending retirement, teammates sent him congratulationses and well wishes. chris harris posted the picture of the two of them on instagram calling him the ultimate team player and a great friend and glad to see peyton go out on top. it's not just teammates chiming in, tom brady posted the to facebook, congratulating him, saying you changed the game forever and made everyone around you better. it's been an honor. manning spent his first 14 years in the league playing for the colts, he was drafted to indianapolis in in 98. >> he had that kind of impact
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conducted himself this building, peyton manning childrens hospital speaks volumes about who he is, who he is. he will go down as one of the all time greats. >> he had fans here and all over the country, they have been on social media to thank him ahead of his retirement. send the well wishs, too, these are some of them we received over the past 24 hours, people just wishing peyton well, and sending him off in style. send messages to peyton, use the hash tag be on 9b on 9. colleen ferreira joins us live now from the valley this morning with more on what fans are saying about number 18. >> reporter: good morning. no shortage of love for manning, yesterday, this morning, still, fans are happy leaving football. they say they are proud of his career, and denver fans say
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i have to be honest, after interviewing people and talking to fans, there is a lot of mixed emotions coming in as peyton makes his official announcement this morning. we welcomed these guys in to our homes every week, we feel like we know him a little bit. peyton for example you are out there listening, broncos country says thank you. >> he is just what every sport figure should be and what every coach should try to be. >> reporter: what is next for the legend? his 11:00 a.m. announcement, i'm sure we will finds out more or gary, we may not find out anything. he might make the official anonesment. that's at 11:00. a lot of people from all over the country are here. national media and media from colorado. >> some think he be an announcer, some think he will own a team eventually.
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we are going to make sure you have the opportunity to see peyton's good-bye, the news conference starts at 11 this morning, we will carry it live on 9 news on channel 20 on and the mobile app. the woman accused of ambushing and stabbing denver's fire chief in january is going to be in court today for a competency hearing. >> marlene rodriguez jumped in to chief eric tate's suv, stabbed him in the arm and leg. he was able to get away and get help and went to work the next day. she is charged with attempted second degree murder and first degree assault. nearly 2 dozen families spent most of the night on the street, after a suspicious device was found in the arkansas river. according to the canyon daily record. someone brought the device back had a fuse.
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took the device away to be detonated. we are remembering one of the most influential first ladies in the united states. in the history of the country, nancy reagan died at her home in los angeles yesterday. a spokeswoman says she died from congestive heart failure. she was known for, widely for her just say no campaign against drugs and her strong devotion to her husband, former president ronald reagan. alzheimers. nancy reagan was 94 years old. money news, denver international airport continues its record setting streak, airports setting a record for the busiest january in its history. 4.3million passengers, nearly 8% increase compared to january of 2014.
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record setting month for dia. it's driven by airline capacity and the strength of the economy. back to working for united airlines ceo, munos returning to full-time status after he under went transplant surgery january 6th. munos was named ceo in september of 2015 and started medical leave after 41 days following a massive heart attack. she was speaking to analysts in the earnings call if january and stirring the company at varying degrees as he ramps up to full-time status. on the financial side, unite reporting record profit if january, stock prices up 20% over the past months or so. one storm in colorado roight right now, most of the moisture, western colorado, going up over the northeast plains in to western nebraska. the second, bigger storm is going to track south, through new mexico in to texas, hearing
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snow confined to mountain areas here and perhaps in sound wyoming, this afternoon and tonight, we have winter weather advisories above 10,000 feet. vail pass to the west, 5-10 inches of snow through 6:00 tonight. for the grand mesa, strong southwest winds up to 16 inches of snow, by 6:00 tonight, the front range mountains and foothills, 2-6 inches. fresh round of threats from north korea this morning, talking about why they say they are threatening to take nuclear action against the u.s. and south korea. >> michigan will hold the primary tomorrow, the democratic candidates for president were trading blows last night >> you are talking about the wall street bailout, where some
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first storm system, cutting through the northwest corner of colorado that puts us kind of on the dry side of this storm, the best moisture out of this will be in wyoming and nebraska. the second storm system
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through new mexico, and texas. southerly wind indicates on the front edge of the storm, by midday, start shifting over the front range and moving the cooler air in for tomorrow. 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s in eastern colorado right now. interesting day going on here. dry morning, midday thundershowers, those move up i- 76 this afternoon, some snow on the backside of these storms, late tonight. 40s, 50s in the foothills. rain-snowline between 8-9000 feet. thundershowers, could get small hail, out of the storms as they zip through and head on up i- 76, through the day today. snow off and on throughout the day in the mountain, rain and snow picks up, especially after 4:00 today from fort morgan, steriling in to western nebraska, good thunderstorms there. 50s, 60s and 70s in the east, 30s, 40s mountains, 50s in the west. hitting 60s before the showers come through.
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day. scoot out, nirk up by 4:00, 4:30 this afternoon. upper 20s tonight. tomorrow average, slight chance for shower on wednesday, before we start warming back up in to the weekend. the bulk of this moisture is going to miss us locally. sky 9 is up and over a busy part of the metro drive, southbound crash blocking the left shoulder involved, three cars, police are on scene, flashing lights. that's the far left lean. the delays packing in on the approach to 112th, 120th and e470. look checking out the travel times, a 20-minute drive southbound, from e470 to i-70, average speeds 38 miles per hour. washington and huron, alternates that parallel the commute.
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check out the view, a really pretty start with the sunrise in the distance. eastbound and westbound u.s. 36, paycos off to a good start. >> that's a peyton manning sunrise. gasoline prices continue to enup, on therise the past couple of weeks. per gallon. $1.77. the price is still $0.70 cheap that he shall a year ago. -- cheaper than a year ago at this time. refineries are switching to the summer blends and demand increases with vacation season. less than half of businesss in the united states are now ready to accept the chip enabled cards, supposed to adopt the technology by last october or face penalties. according to a survey by the straw hecker group, 37% are ready. the new cards are intended to
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personal information. boeing designing a self sterilizing bathroom. this gets rid of bacteria by using ultraviolet lights. it takes 3 seconds to do so. boeing says it needs to study the idea a little bit more before it may put it in to service in the airlines and on board your plane. don't know how much it costs just yet. >> no more nasty -- hash tag. >> that can be used in a lot of other places. heat was on in flint michigan. >> michigan will host the democratic primary tomorrow.
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north korea threatens an all out offensive against the u.s. saying it will carry out a strike in retaliation for the joint military drills with south korea. the u.s. and south began the biggest ever joint military drill today. north korea routinely issues threats of action in response to the annual exercises. democrats, hilary clinton and bernie sanders tackle issues, highlighting the flint water crisis and the auto industry. that's ahead of tomorrow's primary in michigan.
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leading in the latest nbc wall street journal poll among michigan voter. tracy pots is live with more. >> reporter: good morning. let's start with michigan, and the democrats, where hilary clinton has a 17 point lead in our latest wall street journal poll. they sparred on stage t the flint, michigan cnn debate where they talked about the flint water crisis and the governor stepping down. both saying the governor should, they talked about auto jobs, that's where we got tension between the candidates with hilary clinton claiming that she was one of those who supported the money for the bailout that provided jobs in michigan and bernie sanders refuting talking about how she helped out wall street and her friends on wall street. that michigan primary is happening tomorrow, bernie
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she has more than twice as many delegates as he does over 1100 or 1100 right now, which means he will have catching up to do with the primaries and next week's. the republicans though they are competing in michigan, very much focused on winner take from tomorrow. spirited debate, it seems really calm compared to what we have been seeing on the other side. he is a world traveler who doesn't get paid, he spends everyday in the classroom, helping kids learn about geography and world cultures. >> nelson garcia and an ann will introduce us to chester. few bands of snow over bertha pass in to winter park area. good snow, raining and snowing throughout western colorado throughout the morning with the
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lucky to get brief rounds of storms early this afternoon. 20s, 30s, 40s throughout the front range, lower terrain incomes the 20s and 30s in the mountains. this is not a super cold system. through the day, southwesterly wind will shift, this afternoon, and come out of north. onceey get the north wind in here, that's going to kick the storms to the north, east through the day, as i said, by tomorrow, late in the evening, the two-day storm total, for front range mountain areas, 2-6- inch range, have to be above 8000 feet to get that. it's going to come in fits and starts, by the end of day we will start wrapping this things up. problems across here, thornton and north glenn, 24 minutes from c470, well e470 to the i-70 split along southbound i-25. sky 9 over a 3-car crash blocking the far left shoulder.
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and the bottleneck that already exists.
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a teachers pet in westminster.
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learned a thing or two from chest ter traveling cheetah, teaches geography and world culture and gets wiser with age. she has been with the teacher and colleagues for 10 years. he has been around the blocking had quite the adventure in alaska. >> it depends on who you ask, because some people say chester got left behind at one of the shops in one of the alaskaian towns, he left to find adult entertainment, shall we say. >> we heard chester was wearing sunglasses and taking aspirins the next day. >> that's adorable. >> chester is terrific.
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super bowl 50 was his last rodeo. leaving a legacy on and off the field. >> reporter: outside broncos headquarters, at 11:00 a.m. today, peyton manning says good- bye. we will have all the proceedings coming up. mike, how do you say good- bye to a legend. broncos country started saying
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happy monday, everyone. retirement day for peyton manning. a big day for the broncos. marty, let's start with you, wet weather, making its way in to the city maybe this afternoon. >> reporter: early this afternoon, dry, in fact for the next several hours, we will be pushing 60 degrees before lunchtime, i think we will hi our high before lunch, starting to see snow up around winter park, as you go west, raining and snowing off and on throughout the morning in western colorado, we will get little batches of showers, not this morning but once we get the lunch, a round of rain and thunderstorms that move through between noon and 2:00 to 2:30, they scoot up i-76, flying off. we could have thunderstorms in with this. along with rain, tiny hail possible in these storms, the storms get stronger as they move to the north. the moisture in mountain areas
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in the form of snow with this storm. early on, mid 50s to 60 degrees. the early afternoon round of thunderstorms, we start clearing as we go in to the evening. over the next couple of days, cooler tomorrow, another chance for really light rain on wednesday, we start clearing out again on thursday. it's nice. we could get moisture in between two dry commutes, morning and evening. you are going to like this shot, our beautiful view from sky 9. 14,300 feet, blowing snow there, falling snow west, affecting our i-70 corridor. i-25, 62nd, one of the rotating cams, shows us the southbounders are stacked in towards the i-70 split. the biggest to the north, major
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southbound 88, the far left shoulder is blocked up. to the west, multiple train and traction laws in place because of the snow in the higher elevations, chains over vail pass, brook creek and red mountain. number 18 had 18 seasons, two super bowl rings and countless nfl quarterback records. there is only one way to describe manning's career, legendary. it will legendary career comes to an end. fans near and far offered outpouring to numb 18. colleen ferreira will have more in a minute. starting with mike, at the uc health training center this morning. there was a lot of talk whether a colt. messing around. bronco. see on the program, peyton
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2012, to 2015, we are talking denver. like baseball. another. you get enshined. he goes in as peyton manning and the years indianapolis colts 9 8-2011. he was ever bit as much a bronco as he was a colt. in four years with the broncos he won an mvp, he set the records while wearing a bronco uniform, at all career records he celebrated while wearing the orange and blue. he had two super bowls, winning one with the colts, two super bowls, winning one with the broncos, he packed a lot in to the denver broncos four-year period. it was the best second chapter of any quarterback ever had. joe montana had a second
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didn't get to the super bowl. brett favre, the vikings, he didn't get to the super bowl. manning won a super bowl with two teams. >> thank you. peyton manning walks away from the game with a cloud that only began hanging over his head. he faced an nfl investigation in december, al-jazeera accused him of using hgh. he threatened a defamation lawsuit. the source changed the story. aljaal-jazerra stands by it. a tribute to manning on instagram. heartfelt, thanks peyton, p-
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he said i love you and appreciate everything you have done for me personally and the organization, you are the real mvp. brandon marshal took to social media to let peyton know how much he appreciates him, he said a year spent on the practice squad going against you made me a better player. i have learn sod much about the game of football from you, and for good measure, marshal posted the video of the hall of fame quarterback doing a little dab celebration in the locker room. fans are also showing their love for number 18. colleen ferreira joins us from the uc health center. >> reporter: lots of love from the broncos fans. you have a lot of football greats that are wishing manning well. you have a lot of celebrities that are chiming in.
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they got emotional, too, once the announcement came outside yesterday morning. broncos fans sure love their football and also love their manning, though he was only here for four short years. how do you say good-bye to a legend. you thank him for making football fun to watch over the past 18 years. >> a great career. one guy can only hope to have a career like that. >> proud of you peyton. best of everything. >> nice to bring the pride back to denver. good luck in your retirement. >> reporter: it's not just denver wishing him well. well. specifically twitter, you type in the handle, hash tag peyton manning, you will see so many well wishs, love, support from all over the world what is next for the legend. i'm sure we will find out more at 11:00 a.m. behind me in the official announcements.
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thanks or favorite memories from his career on social media. use the hash tag b on 9. thank you for making it fun and exciting to be a broncos fan. people are saying thank you, the last four years, it's been incredible. 11:00 a.m., you will want to turn on 9news or channel 20, get on line and watch him make his announcement. a former douglas county high school teacher facing felony charges for child sex crimes, we will go before a judge today. jeffrey falk is accused of sexually exploiting a child, burglary and stalking among other charges. detectives located an additional victim, which brought a second case against the former thunder ridge high school teacher. he is scheduled to be arraigned in caught this afternoon. tarps, shopping carts and sleeping bags, all going be
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starting tomorrow in denver. the city says some people are catching on the streets, and belongings are making it tough for others to walk on the sidewalks, it's become a big issue along lawns street and park avenue west where several shelters are nearby. everyone will have 24 hours to get they stuff off the sidewalk. if that doesn't happen , the city will clear the sidewalk, moving everything in to temporary storage, property tais not claimed within 30 days will be destroyed. chipotle hiring a public relations firm as customers are restaurants. management wants to keep that trend going, so it's hired the same company that helped out johnson and johnson from the deadly tylenol tampering. revenue fell 7% at chipotle and the eeo says it was the most challenging period in history. federal reserves interest rate meeting is a week away,
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chief. if you are interested if film, music or media, keep an eye on the south by southwest festival, underway on friday, austin, texas, in addition to movies and lots of music, it technology. sony expected to bring a wearable device, and samsung s7 phone. storm moving through western colorado now, we are on the dry side of it for the time being. as the center of the storm moves over, a round of showers, lunchtime, to 2 or 3:00 this afternoon, scoots to the east. bigger storm in california, tracking through new mexico in to texas, as far as snow goes, way too warm down here lower terrain. if you see a couple of snow flakes, that's fine. accumulation in mountain areas,
6:42 am
2-6 for the front range mountains, grand mesa, 16 inches of new snow by 6:00 tonight. wind blown center as snow on the mesa. kids are working to find their center. tarhonda thomas will introduce us to kids meditation. >> and well wishes to number 18 as he rides in to the sunset. >> he revolutionizeed the position in many ways.
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tarhonda thomas has more. lot of parents are worried stressed out. >> i heard from parents on how they are helping kids to relieve stress. a method created centuries ago and experts are realizing the children. >> close your eyes and try and concentrate on breathing, and ventsly it comes naturally. >> reporter: that's what 12
6:46 am
kids that want to try meditation. she started a year ago and saw a difference right away in her ability to handle stress. >> reporter: those type of stories are common at the meditation center in denver. >> i heard amazing stories. one girl, 5 years old, was teaching friends in kindergarten how to meditate. >> reporter: kids as young as 2 come here, getting a head start on the same thing adults seek, inner peace. >> i wish i had the chance to start as a kid. >> reporter: coming up on channel 20 in the 7 and 8:00 hours, more about the benefits that meditation can have for kids at home and at school. in the meantime, i want you to try something, sit up straight. press your fingers against your thumbs, close your eyes, not all the way, leave them a little bit open, peace begins
6:47 am
peace begins with me. >> you will fall asleep if you close your eyes all the way. if kids with do it for a couple difference. >> your 4 year old did that. >> absolutely. she says it works perfectly. this is one of the things that inspired me to do the story. i found her in the room doing the mantra. i know she learned it at school. i didn't know she implemented out in her daily life. she is 4. i walk in the room, she goes excuse me, i'm trying to calm down. i don't know where she got that attitude from, but. >> tarhonda thomas, thank you. marty, we are so relaxed now. you are not going to stress us out now, are you? moment.
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have rain grand junction, snowing in southwest colorado right now. cortez reporting snow in the yeah. moisture the central part of the state. we will get showers here during the day. we start with southwest winds, southwest winds, southeast colorado, when the wind shifts, lunchtime, a few showers here, a little front comes through, this afternoon, we will kick the moisture off to the north and east. we are not going to get a ton of rain. better in western colorado, better in the san juans and better along interstate 80. good thunderstorms going up today. along with the storms in nebraskas we could get hail out of the deal as well. thunderstorm time already. >> stay tuned to the forecast, stay tuned to the drive alongics 25, from the northside, i-25s 88th avenue, a crash blocking up the far left shoulder of the drive, resulting back ups similar to
6:49 am
a big sign here in front of the view. cars tracking 25 miles an hour, there is the accident there, see it in the back up, still flashing lights on scene. because of that rs here are the travel times, 30 minute trek, just from e470 to i-70. 25 miles per hour is the average. it's going to be a tough commute to the northside, extra time is needed. alternate are washington and huron. money news, spring break is going to look different this year, retail me find people are planning to spring break closer to home. >> 75% of americans are planning to hit the road in terms of traveling. people are looking at lower gas prices, to see where they can go regionally, within that 1 tank of gas drive.
6:50 am
fly, airfares are cheaper, down 6% domestically. 15 percentagely. travel experts say if you want to cash in on the savings, your best bet, book by tends of the week or you -- by the end of the week. beer themed spa in oregon is soaking up attention as the first of its kind in the country. called the hop in the spa. located in sisters oregon. customers are able to fully immerse themselves in hop infused spa treatments, including body wraps, facial scrubs and a microbrew soak. involved taking locally brew beard, rendering it down in a solid and using it as a bath brew that you soak in for a few hours. >> sounds relaxing to me. >> except you always crave
6:51 am
everyone has been congratulating manning on a wonderful career, from those who played against and alongside. samuels is part of the ladder group. to play along this side has been a blessing. watching him and mimicking how he handled his business is a huge reason why i had so much success. this is my teammate and friend and brother, i'm forever grateful. j.j. watt is one of those great players that manning faced during his 18 seasons, watt tweeted out a tribute to man he chased around for several years saying it was an honor and a privilege, farewell sheriff. broncos have been offering congratulations to peyton through social media. we caught up with a few of the broncos in town to get one of them to get his take on the sheriff's legacy. >> for me, personally, it's about more than what he did on the field for sure.
6:52 am
as well with everything that he does. he is a very respectful individual, highly tall ended athlete, a star, somebody you can always talk to and elevate yourself personally as well and as well as professionally. >> you can tell by how the teammates talk he was through and through a class act. >> of course, saying what most everything on the team told us. we hope you had a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather. things will change this afternoon. can we see wet weather this week.
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nice storm system through the state, wet in the west, sit dry in the east right now as the storm rotates through. we will get a little round of thunderstorms in the middle of the day today. bigger storm in california, anticipated to track down through new mexico in to texas later in the week. hd picking up the showers, seeing them along the continental divide in to wyoming, west through grand junction, we had rain and snow in the valleys, snow above 9000 feet. 30s, 40s, 50s eastern colorado, lieman, 20s, 30s in the mountains. midday showers, between noon to 2:00, noon to 3:00, moving them up i-76, for the afternoon and evening, this evening on the backside, starting to get rain and snow up along the wyoming boarder.
6:56 am
fort collins loveland, greeley tonight. foothills, 40s. 50s and 60s around here. snow in the mountains today. thunderstorms developing here, moving up in the to northeast colorado -- to northeast colorado. moderate snow in the panhandle, 240s 50s to 70 degrees. 60 here before the showers begin. that brief round of thundershowers early afternoon, noon, let's go noon to 3:00, after that rs we start becoming partly cloudy, tomorrow, cool, close to average, light showers possible wednesday afternoon, dry and warming heading in to the weekend. something i thought, we were talking about this saturday night and sunday, we spring forward. it's time for daylight time. >> we are heading in to spring. sky 9 over a busy part of the northbound commute. c470 park meadows, slowing down at lincoln, loosening up by the
6:57 am
merge. morning drive. a problem to the north, that's our southbound 25 crash near 84th avenue, slow downs back to e470, costing you over 30 this morning. thank you very much. a look at the top stories, today the world mourning the loss of former first lady, nancy reagan, she died yesterday from congest i have heart failure at her home in los angeles, buried alongside her husband at the presidential library in california. funeral details have not been announced yet. accused of stabbing denver fire chief in an ambush. rodriguez is due in court for a competency hearing. she jumped in to the chief's suv, stabbed him in the arm and leg, he is okay and returned to
6:58 am
she is charged with attempted first degree murder and second degree assault. the only-time mvp, peyton manning breathed new life in to the broncos when he came here. we visited the super bowl twice, bringing home the lombardi trophy on the last trip. number 18 will call it quit. he will announce his retirement at 11 this morning. the official news conference is at 11:00 this morning, we will carry it live on 9 news, challenge 20 and the rain is on the way today. going to get a little bit in the middle of the day today and then light showers, towards the tail end of the week, we go as we said it is daylight time sundays. turning the clocks ahead and mild weather forecasted for the
6:59 am
grab a can of soda, doesn't matter which one, everybody knows, if you shake up the can of soda,, that would be bad. shaking up right now. don't be a sissy. give me that. now, how do you open this? at 7:10, we will show you the bubbles on the insiedz inside are on the edges. if you move the bubbles to the top you can open it. snap away amelia. you are moving and transferring the bubbles from the sides. you will never open a can of soda the same way again. 3, 2, 1, pop it.
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pour it in here, pour it in the glass. there is carbonation. we are going over to channel 20. good morning. paying respects. police officers salute the hearse carrying former first lady nancy reagan from her home. a funeral being planned for later this week at the reagan presidential library, where she'll be laid to rest next to her husband. a woman being remembered as a devoted wife and a political force who redefined the role of first lady. we look back at nancy reagan's extraordinary wife and talk exclusively to her son ron today, monday, march 7th, 2016.


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